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Nero6 - CD to CD copy took 13+ minutes!?!?!?!

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Nero6 - CD to CD copy took 13+ minutes!?!?!?!

Postby imipenem on Mon Mar 22, 2004 1:37 am

I copied an audio CD to a blank CD-R and it took 13min 55s for the job to complete. In my old PC (PIII 733mhz) I could copy audio CDs in 5 minutes or less. What is going on???

Here's the specs of the system that gave me the problem...

Recorder: TDK VeloCD 48X CDRW
Source: Lite-On 166-S DVDROM
P4 2.4Ghz (800mhz FSB)
Giga-Byte GA-8KNXP mobo
1GB PC3200 Dual Channel DDR
WD Raptor 36.7GB SATA HDD (primary)
Maxtor 120GB ATA133 HDD (secondary)
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Postby cfitz on Mon Mar 22, 2004 6:49 am

You most likely don't have DMA enabled on one or both of the optical drives. See how to enable DMA for XP or 2000.

Also, are you attempting to copy on the fly or by creating an intermediate image on the hard drive?

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Postby NoSmartz on Mon Mar 22, 2004 6:39 pm

what's the speed on your cd 2 cd burn?Try to stick with 16x to 24x.Remember,cd 2 cd copy is only good if your cd reader is twice as fast as the intended burn speed.
Like this:
If 16x burn then your cd reader should read at 32x.If you try a 24x burn your cd reader should be reading at 48x.If you go any higher than that most cd reader's don't read that fast and it takes a smidge longer to burn.My reader only reads at 32x max.Suppose to read at 48x.

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Postby CCampbell on Mon Mar 22, 2004 7:16 pm

Also, if you still have trouble after the recommended changes by others in this forum, please respond back with a copy of the Nero log file of the write attempt, so we can see what is going on. This will tell us if there are buffer underrun issues, or if something else is going on, etc.


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