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NeroVision -- Split command makes you go backwards

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NeroVision -- Split command makes you go backwards

Postby ruel on Wed Mar 16, 2005 3:23 pm

I've downloaded the new NeroVision I use the Split command in NeroVision to cut at the beginning and at the end of a section with commercials in a show and then delete that section in order to delete commercials from recorded TV shows that I want to save for my personal collection. I find it easier to delete commercials that way: namely do a Split at the beginning of a commercials section, do another split at the end of that commercials section, and then delete that section ... and then go on forward to the next part in the show with commercials to do the Split commands again and delete another section of commercials in the recorded show etc. etc. The way the Split command was working in the previous version of NeroVision that I was using, when you click Split then the vertical line marker would stay right where you made the split -- and then you can just keep moving forward to where you want to make the next split. Now, with version, when you do a Split then the vertical marker line goes BACKWARDS to the beginning of file or to the beginning of the previous section and then I would have move forward to where I made the split -- this causes the user to have to go backwards and forwards which is a weird new annoying behavior when using the Split command in my opinion. How about making the Split command just stay where you make the split like in the previous versions of NeroVision -- not do the go back to the beginning of the file/previous-section backwards movement. I couldn't find anyplace in NeroVision as to any settings to stop this backswards movement when using the Split command. So I'm guessing there is no setting for stopping this annoying backswards movement when using the Split command -- if there is a setting, then please advise.

I've already started editing some new TV show recordings to put in a new DVD video_ts folder using version and unfortunately version won't read any new project .NVC files that are made with -- so I have to stick with until I finish my current batch of shows and then it looks like I'm going back to the version that I was previously using.

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