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Pioneer 108 burning at 1x ...(and only 1x)


Pioneer 108 burning at 1x ...(and only 1x)

Postby kycrout on Mon Sep 06, 2004 6:15 am

Hi guys

I have searched around the forum to no avail .. hence the post

Basically I have popped my new Pioneer 108 into my machine at home (Motherboard A7N266-VM) and it only burns at 1x (50 odd minutes)

I have
* Upgraded firmware to 1.10
* Checked Secondary IDE channel set to DMA if available
* Using latest supported Nero software

When I try and burn it gives me the option of 12x but actually burns at 1x (grrrrr)

So I brought the drive into work and installed it on my work pc and it works perfectly !!!!

What am I missing - Any help really, really appreciated !!!
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Postby DVD_ADDICT on Mon Sep 06, 2004 6:22 am

could be your motherboard chipset. try updating your chipset drivers or use microsoft drivers. you can read this thread from the pioneer forum at cdfreaks.com: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=104687
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Postby Intimidator on Fri Dec 03, 2004 2:52 pm

Are you using the 80 pin flat cables? This will make a HUGE difference. Most people have been using the standard 40 pin cables and that has caused significant problems.

Also upgrade the FW to 1.14

Hope this helps!
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