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Please Help Me I can not Burn Whit Px-708UF And Nero Recode?

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Please Help Me I can not Burn Whit Px-708UF And Nero Recode?

Postby lunte on Sun Apr 04, 2004 8:06 am

I have just got my first dvd burner,so I am a newbie to this world.
I have Px-708UF and a harddrive in a enclosure 120 gb.
The plaextor is runnig firewire and the extern harddrive is running on
The computer I have is a Asus L5800C laptop,whit 2.8 ghrz 512mb win xp pro.
I am using Nero the latest version,dvd region free,and the latest firmware to the plextor 1.06.

I have all the movie on the extern harddrive,when I open the nero recode
and will burn the movie,I choose the Disc at once.
When there is a 1 min left,it stops and tells me there is a write problem?
If I take a DVD+RW it burn´s perfekt whit Disc At Once.
If I then disable the Disc At Once it will burn on the DVD+R.(Not whit DAO)

I have allso try to use Nero Burning Rom 6.0,First I put a Dvd+R in the drive.And Choose doing a test first whit Disc At Once.
It burn´s perfekt,Then I put a DVD+R in,then It tells me that the Plextor can not burn whit Disc At Once???
But the fan whit the Disc At once,Is greyed out.And I can Not Disable Disc At Once In nero 6.0 why???
The media I use Is Verbatim + media and Princo - media.

The Buttom line Is: I can only burn the movie in Recode whitout the Disc At once on Dvd+ media and Dvd- media.

Whit Disc At Once on: I can only burn on DVD+RW media in Recode,and not on DVD+ and DVD- Media.

In Nero 6.0: I can not Burn whit Disc At Once on DVD+R,only when doing a test It will burn.

Hope someone will help me out here,I think this Is a strange problem???

Many Thanks from Lunte :(
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Postby tazdevl on Sun Apr 04, 2004 11:50 am

You have to extract the DVD first in File Mode with a program like DVD decrypter (www.dvddecrypter.com). You can't just rip iit straight off the DVD, otherwise that puts the gang at Ahead in hot water with the MPAA, nor can you just copy the files right off the disc. Recode needs the files to be in a certain format to be able to use them.

Rarely can you put a whole DVD on a +R discs. Your standard DVD is dual layer which means it can hold ~8.5GB, DVD+R generally holds ~4.3GB. So you have to do things like strip out extra audio tracks (keep Dolby Digital, get rid of DTS, 2 channel, forgeign audio tracks, menus etc... I also would recommend not compressing more than 30% of the movie, otherwise you can run into quality issues. If that doesn't bother you go nuts, worst case you can always spread it over 2 DVD+Rs.

I'd recommend using DVDShrink. It's free and the engine is the same one used in Recode. The author of Shrink was hired by Ahead to code Recode.

The benefit of Shrink is that you pretty much pop the disc in and it takes care of all your tasks through burning. www.dvdshrink.org

Guides can be found at:

Only other thing to consider is that you have bad media. Chances are low.
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Postby lunte on Sun Apr 04, 2004 2:43 pm

Thanks for your feedback.
The movie I have on the harddisk,have been extract in nero recode whit dvd region free,and 1 in dvd decrypter in file mode.
If I choose Disc At once in nero recode it will burn to there is 1 min left,and then it stops.(on dvd+R and dvd-R)
But if I put in a dvd+rw in the drive I can burn whit DAO in nero recode.(This Is strange on dvd+ rw I can burn whit DAO;but not whit dvd+and-R?)
If I use nero burning rom 6.0,it will not even start up whit the burning.
It just tell´s me that I not can burn DAO whit this plextor drive???
If I run a test before I made a burn,then It will burn.

I do not understand this dvd burning world? :o

The only way for me Is to made a complete burn on the dvd- and dvd+R media
Is to choose Nero Recode and burn whitout DAO?
I have had no problem whit burning a data dvd.

thanks from lunte. :cry:
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