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Plextor Premium 52X worth it?

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Plextor Premium 52X worth it?

Postby icn on Wed Mar 23, 2005 4:17 pm

I see a lot of people give this drive the best reviews as the best overall 52X burner, but then later say that maybe not for its price if you dont use GigaRec or SecuRec. I only burn CD-Rs and I burn around 3000 CDs per month. A failed CD costs me around 75 cents to replace. All in all with my current burners I get around 3 reported failures a month. Some months I dont get any at all. Since the amount is so low I never thought it would be worth it to upgrade to the Premium.

I have no experience with the Plextor Premium but what is their supposed failure rate and how much does the 8mb buffer do in terms of preventing burn errors?

Typically a decent CD-RW from LiteOn or ASUS costs around $30.00 bucks while the Premium costs around $65.00. Will the features in the Premium eventually save me $35.00 in burn errors or will it have roughly the same amount of errors as your typical CD-RW?
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