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Is Plextor CD-ROM PX-40TS or Plextor Premium better reader?

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Is Plextor CD-ROM PX-40TS or Plextor Premium better reader?

Postby hariskar on Wed Sep 24, 2003 8:06 am

Is Plextor CD-ROM PX-40TS or Plextor Premium a better reader to copy music CDs? Speed is not important to me.
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Postby oslik2 on Wed Sep 24, 2003 11:19 am

i used to have 2 PX-40TS CD-ROMs, and both sometimes had hard time reading scratched audio CDs correctly (I am talking about DAE quality)... The same CDs could be read with better quality by either PLextor 12x writer or TDK 12x writer.

Since Plextor Premium is newer than PLextor CDROM, i hope it does a better job at reading CDs which are in bad condition.

I still used my Plex CD-ROM a lot, it just that I needed to worry about DAE quality every time and run CDDAE utility to check quality before trying to use it as a source for burning.
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Postby CDRecorder on Wed Sep 24, 2003 12:10 pm

I haven't used either of these drives, but CD-RW drives often read better than CD-ROM drives do.
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Plextor SCSI CD-ROM Still #1 DAE

Postby NeilPeart on Tue Sep 30, 2003 5:45 am

The Plextor UltraPlex Max 40 (PX-40TSi) is still the best drive for DAE (digital audio extraction, which is used when one rips or copies a CD). Even after nearly 5 (or more?) years, this drive is working flawlessly in my secondary system and still rips faster than nearly all my drives; its extraction quality is also the best out there. This is an amazing feat! Only the Asus 52X CD-ROM (CD-S520A) challenges the Plextor 40X in extraction quality/speed - the Asus matches the Plex in quality but is still a bit slower. My Plextor Premium extracts audio faster than the PX-40TSi and the Asus 52X, but the quality of the rips aren't quite as good as the former drives (though still above average, and certainly better than most drives). 8)
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