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prob with CDRW media , becomes READ ONLY

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prob with CDRW media , becomes READ ONLY

Postby faithfoo on Sun Jul 20, 2003 5:39 am

This has happened to me for a few verbatim CDRWs, after 2 mnths or so
And I am wandering if I can avoid this in future .or is there a better software

I use Roxio direct CD version 5

I have at least 3000 word documents, 600 folders in 1 CDRW ..
On a daily basis , I will write and over-ride 100 files per day i.e. open up the file , add new info and save it again )

1) When I insert this CDRW into a different CD ROM drive to read , the following will happen when I put back the same CDRW back to my original CDRW drive ,

a) the CDRW would not be able to perform as a CDRW , but the whole disc would be a Read only CD , ( means all files can be re-written anymore)

b) There will be a direct CD 5.1e3c error saying that requested files cannot be read from CD , IT is recommended to copy any critical files to a new CD

c) Sometimes , when you re-insert the disc again into the same CDRW drive , the following error will occur .

1) I can read the label , but cannot see the files at all
2) I will be prompted to reformat the disc ,( free space 0 , Total space .2.2 Gb
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