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Sony XDR-F1HD radio at frys $99.99

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Sony XDR-F1HD radio at frys $99.99

Postby Dartman on Sat May 24, 2008 3:02 pm

Picked one up this Thursday after getting a smokin' deal on a HD radio for my car over x-mas time closeout sales.
The radios are usually around 200 and up for a nice home tuner so this is the first great quality standalone for under 100 bucks retail.
HD radio is free OTA so once you buy it there's nothing else to pay and it makes FM sound like a CD almost, AM sounds like FM, very impressive difference on AM if the station is HD.
I've read up on the unit and it is as good as some of the most expensive analog and HD tuners out right now, it just doesn't have a bunch of bells and whistles like the Sangean Uber hd tuners do.
The thing sounds way better then my Onkyo 777's tuner does, has almost no noise in the background when locked into a HD signal, AM or FM, and of course seems to pick up stations better on the same antennae.
It has simple RCA analog outputs, a AM and a FM antennae input and a small LCD display that can scroll station and artist info and like that. It also has a full function remote, can store 20 am or FM stations and does the sub channels on FM HD as well. It even has a setup menu for the display brightness/contrast, clock etc.
Most of the functions can also be done with buttons on the top of the unit as well.
Anyways I spent most of the day listening to alt rock local bands on my favorite station and thought some of you might have a frys nearby and would be interested in this, it's not really a sale price but it's brand new and out of stock at many places and is the best price for now on a full featured version. Here's the amazon link, has reviews and a good pic
http://www.amazon.com/Sony-XDRF1HD-HD-R ... cr_pr_pb_t
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