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Surround sound audio from CD-R?

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Surround sound audio from CD-R?

Postby Wiz on Fri Dec 12, 2003 8:42 am

I need surround audio content on CD-R.
I can burn Dolby Digital or DTS encoded files to CD-DA and
pass it through digital out to a decoder (no problem, it works well), but...
is it possible to make a DVD-player with decoder on-board
to decode surround programs from CD-R disc?

I have used Soft Encode to make AC-3 .wav files, then Nero to burn CD-DA, yet none of the DVD-players I've tried menaged to decode them.
(though externel decoders had no problems with decoding the stream from digital outs)

What do I do wrong? It is done according to what is written at

I've been thinking of buying a DVD-player with built-in decoder and 6
surround analog outputs,
(a Philips model) to plug it directly to outboard mixer. ... if it's
possible I mean...

thank you very much for help.

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