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Sweeeeeeeet Cell Phone Deal

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Sweeeeeeeet Cell Phone Deal

Postby Rich on Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:49 pm

A couple months back I put a topic: DO NOT DISTURB feature for a Cell Phone in the Beer Garden and got some great replys from dodecahedron
and Alejandra; THANKS!

A week ago I saw a Cingular Ad for a new gophone deal: a buck a day for days you use it and .10 a minute for calls. I checked the website and found their cheapest phone was a refurbished Nokia 3120 for $29.99! So I went and downloaded the manual from Nokia and it has Groups and Profiles like dodecahedron and Alejandra told me about. So I ordered it and it came a couple days later (only 27 hours from pickup to delivery - fedex -- FREE SHIPPING). This atleast looks and feels like a brand new phone including the screen cover.

When I activated the puppy, (very easy) it gave me $10 buckazoids of free time. I was stoked. Sure enough it allows me to keep the phone from ringing when ever someone not in my OK group calls.

Then I got a DKU-5 Nokia Data cable for only $12.50 and downloaded their Nokia Suite. == Sweeeeet!

This thing will syncronized the phone to applications in Windows. It's not what I expected which would have been a standalone data base manager; but it does work, after a fashion. It is a bit spongy to connect, often requiring a reboot to properly initialize the drivers.

I have used it to load downloaded ring tones and make wallpaper out of some Jpg's I have.

I have also used Lotus Organizer to make a reminder and it went on the phone and rang properly when the time came.

The Nokia suite allows you to swap data with Outlook, Outlook Express, and 4 Lotus products.

Anyway sweet deal,


EDIT: Oh, I forgot to say, there is only a 30 day warrenty/return/exchange policy, but, on the bright side you own the phone with no contract upon delivery.
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