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Postby Ian on Wed Jan 08, 2003 9:18 pm


GARDEN CITY, NY, January 9, 2003 – Expanding its position as a premier supplier of digital recording solutions, TDK today announced the addition of its new veloCD 52x External USB 2.0 ReWriter (Model UE-5200) to the company’s lineup of award winning CD burners. The 52x veloCD, which can record a full-length CD-R in just 2-1/2 minutes and features a space saving stand for vertical storage, is the fastest external CD burner on the market today, offering consumers a host of advanced features and benefits, with unmatched performance, compatibility and ease-of-use for PC and laptop users.

Noted Patricia O'Donnell Smith, TDK Product Manager: “Part of our goal as a total digital solutions provider is to give consumers the most choice in high-performance CD burning. Our new 52x external burner provides the ultimate in speed and reliability for both music and data recording, and its USB 2.0 compatibility provides a high-speed, high-quality answer for users who want to add external burning capability without modifying their PCs – yet still want all the advantages of TDK’s acclaimed veloCD technology.”

Building on Award-Winning veloCD Line With Faster, Easier-to-Use Models
The new TDK 52x external veloCD continues the company’s mission of providing users with today’s most advanced CD burning solutions. The UE-5200 offers the fastest performance of any external recordable CD burner in the industry, with blazingly fast 52x write, 24x rewrite and 48x data read speeds. Equally important for music-passionate computer users, the new veloCD is capable of ripping CD audio tracks at 48x, allowing users to extract an audio track in just five seconds with bit-perfect musical accuracy. It’s not just music lovers who will find the tremendous burning speed appealing. Users can immediately create slide shows and Video CDs using the bundled software package. In addition, like all veloCD burners, the new UE-5200 offers buffer underrun protection, which eliminates buffer underrun errors during the writing process to yield perfect recordings every time – even during multitasking operations. The burner’s USB 2.0 connectivity enables fast and easy hookup to a desktop or laptop computer, and the burner is backward compatible with computers equipped with a USB 1.1 port.

The World’s Best Music Management and Recording Software
Like all TDK veloCD burners, the UE-5200 comes complete with TDK’s CD Blender software suite, consisting of TDK Digital MixMaster music management and recording software, plus NeroExpressTM CD recording software, InCDTM drag-and-drop packet writing software and other useful utilities.

TDK Digital MixMaster gives users unprecedented convenience in their jukebox interface, and is easily customizable with a broad range of colorful graphic “skins.” It handles day-to-day music management and recording functions including CD playback, ripping, MP3 playback, Internet-accessed track labeling and CD recording (including on-the-fly conversion of computer music files and playlists into play-anywhere CDs).

Also included for PC users is NeroExpress multimedia recording software. Featuring one of the simplest user interfaces of any CD burning software, Nero makes it easy to copy virtually every type of CD-ROM and CD audio disc, including multisession discs and several new hybrid formats. Nero can also be used to create Video CDs (VCD) of home movies or a slide show of photos that can be played back in most DVD players, and can even control two veloCD burners simultaneously.

TDK Certified Plus Media: Guaranteed Error-Free Under The Most Demanding Conditions
In order to yield the fastest writing performance, today’s new generation of high-speed CD burners requires media capable of supporting write speeds greater than 40x – performance that lesser-quality blank media can not support. To meet this need, TDK sets the industry standard in compatibility, reliability and durability with a full line of Certified Plus recordable media for CD-R/RW. TDK Certified Plus blank media are guaranteed for total compatibility with all brands and types of drives, unlike other media brands that only permit recording at greatly reduced write speeds, regardless of a writer’s speed capabilities. TDK Certified Plus recordable media utilize the company’s longstanding expertise in organic dye and phase change material chemistry to provide error-free writing performance in all CD and DVD burners, along with long-term archival stability.

The new TDK Model UE-5200 veloCD 52x external burner will be available in February 2003 for an estimated street price of $149.99. In addition, TDK is currently shipping its 52x internal ATAPI veloCD (Model AI-5200), ESP: $99; and the slim and sleek 24x portable USB 2.0 veloCD (Model UP-241032), ESP: $149
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