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Is there any difference between Sony ....A1 .....E1

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Is there any difference between Sony ....A1 .....E1

Postby Nerva on Fri May 16, 2003 3:49 am

Is there any difference between Sony CRX-220E1 and Sony CRX-220A1?
What does this index means - A1 and E1. The older models came with the same indexes too.
I see in review thet model # is CRX-220A1, but firmware says the its CRX-220E1....

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Postby dhc014 on Fri May 16, 2003 11:15 am

There is no difference. The box says CRX220A1, but, in reality, there is no such drive. The A1 ending is how sony names their retail packages. A person who bought the retail package is entitled to support from Sony, those who didn't are not. If you buy the retail box, chances are that you will ask for help with your "CRX220A1" and not "CRX220E1" as a OEM owner would since they would have never seen the A1 name on a box.

This is why I think they do this.

In the past, Sony has used BTC hardware as well as Lite-ON and even AOpen, they had endings such as E3, or E4, or E2... All came in boxes which had the A1 ending printed on them, you never knew which you would get.
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