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Tool to consolidate KProbe and CDSpeed scan summaries

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Tool to consolidate KProbe and CDSpeed scan summaries

Postby MediumRare on Sun Sep 17, 2006 12:39 pm

There was a post at CDFreaks asking for something like this so I drafted a Perl script kptxt.pl that generates summaries of the text files that newer versions of KProbe and CDSpeed generate.

If you're interested in looking at systematics of your scans, don't disable or throw out these summaries, but save them with a meaningful name (e.g. same as the PNG file you save, only with a .txt extension).

The script generates summaries of the items present in the files separated by a semicolon. The items named in the text file are added as a title line. If you save the resulting summary as a .csv file, you can import it into Excel with a double-click or into Access with the file import dialog.

I've added a Date item for CDSpeed results (based on the file's time stamp). For my own use, I regularly add the KProbe version to the .txt summary manually, so this is processed as well. :wink:

To run the tool, you have to have the scripting language Perl installed. Windows users can get it gratis at Activestate: http://www.activestate.com/Products/Download/Download.plex?id=ActivePerl, it's a standard item present on all (most?) Unix or Linux installations. [unpaid plug]Perl should be installed by every serious PC-user anyway.[/unpaid plug]

If you call it without any arguments, you get a short usage text:
Code: Select all
convert information in KProbe2 or CDSpeed txt file to CSV list for Excel import

Usage: kptxt.pl (files) > txtsum.csv

Call it with a list of files (wildcards in the file names are recognized) and it will give you a summary separately for KProbe and CDSpeed files on standard output. Normally, you'll want to redirect this to a file.

Code: Select all
kptxt.pl *.txt > all.csv
kptxt.pl MV9N*.txt > mv9n.csv

The first call will process all .txt files and write the result in all.csv, the second version will only process .txt files starting with MV9N and put the result in mv9n.csv.

Here's an example of a summary for CDSpeed. It doesn't look very pretty (the code box here seems to be line-wrapping again :() , but Excel and Access don't have any problems reading it.
Code: Select all
file;Date;Drive;Firmware;Disc;Selected speed;PI errors Maximum;PI errors Average;PI errors Total;PI failures Maximum;PI failures Average;PI failures Total;PO failures;Jitter;Jitter Maximum;Jitter Average;Elapsed time;Number of samples;Average scanning interval;Glitches removed
Brockhaus_qual_GH4W_4.txt;29 May 2004 12:05:38;LITEON  DVD-ROM LTD163;GH4W;DVD-ROM;4 X;21;11.76;137647;3;1.03;69363;n/a;n/a;;;??;104025;1.17 ECC;0
CDSpeed_BenQ.txt;09 Sep 2006 11:14:22;BENQ    DVD LS DW1655;BCGB;DVD+R (MCC 004);8 X;7;1.03;6143;3;0.01;58;0;;8.5 %;7.70 %;0:8:59;15825;8.09 ECC;0
City_of_Lights_qual_GH4w_2.txt;27 May 2004 23:20:22;LITEON  DVD-ROM LTD163;GH4W;DVD-ROM (RITEK R01);2 X;1019;508.31;5651232;25;3.19;109623;n/a;n/a;;;??;87659;1.13 ECC;5
City_of_Lights_qual_GH4w_4.txt;27 May 2004 21:48:06;LITEON  DVD-ROM LTD163;GH4W;DVD-ROM (RITEK R01);4 X;822;348.19;3736374;9;1.52;62242;n/a;n/a;;;??;85482;1.16 ECC;2
RICOHJPN_R02_datadisc.txt;29 Aug 2004 11:29:54;LITEON  DVD-ROM LTD163;GH4W;DVD+R (RICOHJPN R02);12 X;977;317.76;4478415;208;29.66;1156100;n/a;n/a;;;??;119033;1.20 ECC;254
mcc03_data_disc.txt;27 Jun 2004 22:40:08;LITEON  DVD-ROM LTD163;GH4W;DVD+R (MCC 003);6 X;582;151.48;1929651;206;8.59;163050;n/a;n/a;;;??;61023;2.35 ECC;33


I posted this in the linked thread over at CDFreaks too, but this is my online home and I'd like to keep the information here as well. So please pardon this semi-crossposting.

Zip file with the Perl script
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Postby dodecahedron on Sun Sep 17, 2006 3:56 pm

forgiven! :P
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