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Unable to read a CD-R & CD-RW disc on Winme/Win98

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Unable to read a CD-R & CD-RW disc on Winme/Win98

Postby Mike03 on Sun Nov 09, 2003 7:16 am

i got some problem.

After complete burn cd using Nero with (OS-WinXP)
and I want to open it to my other PC (WinMe & Win98) it Unable to read anything, can't open. do you know why?

anyone help me...
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Postby Dartman on Sun Nov 09, 2003 3:18 pm

If they read on other machines besides yours it might be a ASPI layer problem with the affected machine or some other driver or softeware conflict. I believe Nero will use it's own layer if the adaptec 4.60 or higher is not installed. it might also just be a dead drive as the pickups and other parts can get dirty or just go bad over time.
I know EAC and some other programs need a funtioning ASPI layer to read audio cd's, I had that problem with my XP install becuase it doesn't include it on install. I had to get ForceASPI that can be found with a search, or try the adaptec site, to get one installed then EAC worked fine.
I also had a LiteOn 166 dvd drive just slowly die on me, wouldn't read anything in the end so I replaced it with another new one and all is good again.
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