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Upgraded Nerovision and the problems began

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Upgraded Nerovision and the problems began

Postby Tweak32 on Wed Jan 04, 2006 3:47 am

Well I have been using nerovision for a while just for putting TV epsiodes onto DVD. I have version (Yes, pretty old) and decided to upgrade to see how it worked. I downloaded nerovision v. and could not get it to work right.

First off every simple DVD I tried to create came out with audio sync issues. The audio would be off by atleast one second right from the beginning of the DVD. I unchecked "smart encoding" but then Nero wanted 2 hours to write a 40 minute (2 gig) DVD, which I don't have the patience for.

Also the newer version seemed to suck up the resources more. When I tried to edit out commercials, the video preview would not play smoothly. It would skip frames, then play in slow motion, then speed up. Even in the DVD preview screen (the one before the burning screen) the video could not play smoothly.

Another problem with the newer version is that the timeline in the edit window is very inconsistent. This is a bit hard to explain, but I will try. Basically when I edit out commercials, in the cut window, I find the time value where the commercials begin and start the cut there. So let's say that the commercial starts at 2:12:07 (Minute:second:tenths) so I click the top arrow to go forward a few seconds in time, and then click the other arrow a few times to go back to 2:12:07. Well IT won't be the same, bascially what was 2:12:07 half a minute ago is not a full 1 or 2 seconds off. Did that make sense?

I uninstalled the newer version, reinstalled the older version, so the older one works fine now.

My system is a pentium 1.4 Ghz, 512 mb's of Ram. The video file that I was editing is on a hard drive that is faster than 7200 Rpm's. My computer is freshly reformatted, and My version of Nero is not pirated (downloaded)

I would love to sort out these issues so I can explore the options of the upgraded version. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
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Postby tazdevl on Wed Jan 04, 2006 11:02 am

send an email to techsupport4@nero.com
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Postby Tweak32 on Fri Jan 06, 2006 3:35 am

Thanks, as obvious as your suggestion was, I actually never thought about it :) I'll e-mail them and see what they say.
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