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Using my Sony DRU500AX with Fuji & Sony CD-Rs

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Using my Sony DRU500AX with Fuji & Sony CD-Rs

Postby freeloader on Wed Jan 21, 2004 5:03 am

I'm having trouble dealing with a problem that I'm having with using CD-R media in my DRU500AX.

Except for 4 coasters made with Norton Ghost, I've had excelent results with Fuji CD-Rs. About a year ago, while still using my Sony CRX 140, CDRID said that the Fuji media uses a long term strategy dye. The packaging on the Fuji media also says that.

Something I've read recently online implied that Fuji media was a bit substandard and Sony was pretty good. So, I bought a stack of Sony CD-Rs, even though nothing is said on the packaging about the dye type. Nero says that they use a short term strategy dye. This took me back a bit.

When burning audio CD-Rs in ECDC5, the Fuji 48X media will burn at 24X on the DRU500AX. When burning images of H/D partitions, Norton Ghost works quite well with the Fuji CD-Rs.

When burning audio CD-Rs in ECDC5 with Sony 48X media, it only burns at 12X. When attempting to use Norton Ghost to burn a H/D partition image to Sony CD-Rs, all I get is an error message, the admonition to try another brand of media and a coaster (6 in a row).

The only conclusion that I can draw is that the Sony CD-R media is nothing but garbage that won't even work properly in their own DVD/CD burners.

Can anyone help clarify this for me?
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