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When Will The New 52x24x52x/16x Combo Drives Be In Stores?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2003 4:33 pm
by craiger
I know Samsung has a a new 52x24x52x/16x combo coming and I think LG is making one. Does Buslink or Lite-On plan on a 52x24x52x16? Will Plextor have a 52x24x52x/16 or a 48x24x48x16x? Will these drives be around $100? Thanks, Craig.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2003 6:12 pm
by cfitz
LiteOn recently announced the LTC-48161H 48x24x48x/16x Combo Drive: ... 8846#58846

Buslink doesn't make its own drives.

I don't know about Plextor, but would assume they will be coming out with something.


PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2003 7:11 pm
by eliminator
The drives may drop down in price, but they're likely to cost over $100 initially.