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Errors In SVCD MPEG data on Disk Compared with Source Image

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2003 5:53 pm
by movie_mania
Please help ...

I have been getting ...
Errors In SVCD MPEG data on Disk
when Compared with Source Image on HD

i use burn SVCD disks which are almost always over 700m bytes
and i use 700m disks. svcd disks do not complain of overburn unless
you go over 845m.

i use alcohol to burn them.
i have a teac 540e writer.
i use imation 48x disks and write them at 16x.
i have used many other disk types and they all have at least
some problems.

to verify there are differences in the source files i do an
SFV checksum of HD source files. i then burn disk. i then read those
files back and store them on HD again and do an SFV checksum
against what was read back. It ALWAYS fails on the 700M+ file

i think i am dropping bits.

1) am i doing something wrong? i am getting video dropouts
on my dvd player so i know something is wrong.
2) should this be happening? i presume i should be able to make
perfect copies to CD-R's from hd and visa versa??
3) what can i do to resolve this?

appreciate your input,