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CGE-8520B -- 52x24x52 -- supposed to write @ 52 ??

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 4:34 am
by shluh
Hi everybody

really need some help here :-?

I've bought the CGE-8520B from LG, it can write 52x
Now i wanted to write a cd with it

the cd was full (80 min)
cd supports 1x - 48x

i wrote the cd with easy cd creator
i selected 48x speed (cause 52x was to much for the cd to handle)

and selected Burn !

While he was burning you could read some info at the bottomline
it said :

Selected speed = 48x
Actual speed = 6 x

I don't really understand ??
Could someone help me with this one plz


PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 8:00 am
by Ian
Make sure you have DMA enabled for the drive.


PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 8:07 am
by shluh
DMA was allready activated ...
Should i install the latest firmware
Would that have an effect ,

thx for the help

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 8:10 am
by shluh

the readme with the firmware executable says :

Have the CD-RW Drive connected to the secondary IDE channel as a master drive alone.

the primary IDE channel is taken by 2 HD's
on the secondary there is a dvd player and the writer.

the IDE cable connecting the 2 devices with the mobo;
do i have to put the middle or the last connector from the cable on the writer ?

thx for the help

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2003 9:01 pm
by TheWizard
The last end of the IDE cable, just make sure the cable is not backward. More importantly, make sure in the back of the drive you cover the pins under "MA" for Master.

I'll be honest, if you aren't sure of what you are doing with IDE ports, master/slave, etc. then don't upgrade the firmware. If you do it improperly, your drive may be rendered inoperable.