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How can I tell if my cd-rw is "100%" accurate?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2003 12:09 am
by Vortex Vandel
How can I tell what features my drive supports? i.e is there a detailed program that will tell me if my drive is able to backup copyprotected software? (I have alot of old/newish securerom games like call to power 2 and black and white) I'd much rather know if my drive can accurateley do this. or indeed any drive I buy in the future. I don't mind not having 100% accureate drives but I'd like to know for sure if it is or not. Or failing that. What sort of things do cloan cd do to make "1:1" copys? I heared of weak sectors etc. cloan cd says that's usually a matter of altering the write data before it's rewritten. but again it would be nice to know if this is actually the case or just marketing.

My drive btw is a SamSung SW-252b.. It seems to do quite a good job.


p.s sorry if this is silly or not.