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ARRGO CDRW 40/16/48 Black

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2003 9:48 pm
by Rachel
:( :(

Been having similar cdrw problems with my ARRGO CDRW 40/16/48 Black. I bought it with a new set of P4 1.7 GHZ pc last year. Processor is of course Intel running on an ASUS P4S333 motherboard using Microsoft XP Home. I do not have an extra CD drive. I just want to know why after just a couple of months use (original and pirated audio CDs, burned some CDR/RW a few times, read burned movie CDs from my husband's office) , I have been experiencing intermitent read (and probably write) problems with the CD. When popping any type of CD in the drive, the CD itself makes loud, whirring noises as if it jumps up and down inside the tray while it spins. I already asked the dealer to change the drive (same model) but after a few months, the same problem happens. What's wrong? I've searched the Internet and it seems that this drive model have some excellent rounds of reviews. What's wrong with mine?

I have friends who have their own CD burners and use them like hell burning and playing various types of CD's day and night and they have no problems.

Please help. Did try the cdspeed software and nothing responds.


PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 12:47 am
by TheWizard
The noises it is making are not good. There is definitely something wrong inside the drive, probably with the spinning and/or reading/writing mechanisms. When you spoke to the dealer to change the drive, did they in fact change it and the replacement drive is having the same problems? At this point, I would look into getting a different drive. First talk to the dealer about replacing it with another brand, if that doesn't work, then you can either send it back to CIS/Arrgo or buy a new drive all together...preferably another brand with a better reputation.

ARRGO CDRW 40/16/48 Black

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 10:18 am
by Rachel
I was there looking at it when they changed it. I was even the one who even took the new box from where the stocks where. Tested it with different disks and worked fine as usual after a month or so. I am pretty sure that its a new unit.

Pardon my ignorance, are normal functioning CDRW drives supposed to read all cd (other than specified for DVD) regardless if the CD played/burned are recording co's originals, "pirated" or just burned from a typical PC? How come I've heard of older CD drives unable to read some CDs because CDs vary on the speeds on how they were burned?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2003 11:46 am
by TheWizard
Should all CD-RW drives be able to read all CD's? Yes, in a perfect world. :D The question of which blank discs are used is a big issue. It is possible for an older CD player to not be able to read certain discs. The speed at which they are burned may be an issue, the length of the disc may be another issue, the dye of the disc may be a third issue, and sometimes certain discs don't mix with certain drives. There doesn't have to be an explanation, they just don't mix occasionally. Take a look at the Media Compatibility List to see some examples of discs that simply won't work well with certain drives. '--' denotes unsuccessful burns (maybe even reads too, who knows?).

To narrow down your specific case, if you have tried reading a certain disc in your Arrgo drive before and it worked fine, but for some reason now the drive won't read it, it's entirely possible that the drive is at fault; especially since it is making very strange noises. To be sure that the disc is OK, try having another drive read it. If a certain disc was never able to be read in the Arrgo drive, then I would chalk it up to incompatibility.

ARRGO CDRW 40/16/48 Black

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2003 8:07 am
by Rachel
:lol: :lol:

Many thanks for your assistance. I'd probably go and see the dealer again. I'll just have to hear what they have to say on this--since now I will try to have the drive changed for the second time. This is just my first time to use a CD burner. I've used a lot of ordinary CD drives for audio listening and data reading purposes. Most of those I've used are "Creative" brand drives. The office bought them in 1997-98. We used them to the max. Most of them are still working except perhaps for CDs burned in faster speeds. Here I am with an Arrgo unit, less than the normal use and yet it comes out with so many problems or defects.

For the other experts out there, I'd appreciate getting additional comments. :P

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2003 12:48 pm
by CDRecorder
I'd recommend you buy a Lite-On or a Plextor drive if you decide to buy a new drive. Lite-On drives are high quality, and they're fairly inexpensive (check; I've heard that this is a good place to buy drives).

Plextor drives are high quality and have more features than Lite-On drives(some people will want these features, some people won't), but Plextor drives cost far more than Lite-On drives.

Either of these drives would be a good choice, though.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2003 3:23 am
by TheWizard
Lite-On and Plextor are fine, but don't feel as though you have to limit yourself to those two brands, Rachel. Some other good brands to keep in mind are LG, Samsung, TEAC, etc.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2003 11:04 am
by CDRecorder
You're right, TheWizard. There are many good brands; I thought of Lite-On and Plextor because those brands are mentioned often, and many people had good experiences with them.