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Two Verbatim CDRs - Different origins. Which is better?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 3:07 pm
by Harrier

I picked up two Verbatim cdrs today with intetions to examine the which one performs better.
One is "Made in India" and the other is stated as "Goods of EU origin".
Though i'm not sure as to the position if the latter..
To two look exactly the same:
Both Verbatim DataLifePlus certified for 48X.


Now, i'm considering the best way of action to be taken in order for this test to be as objective as it can get is to write both with Audio at 12X Track-At-Once.

Does anybody think that better results could be achieved with other conditions such as: Higher/Lower writing speed, or a different mode such as Disc-At-Once..?

I'd like it if you contribute your thoughts.


PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 7:47 pm
by CDRecorder
When I test discs, I generally use the "Create Data CD" function of Nero CDSpeed and let it choose the speed. My other way of doing it is to write a 74-min or 80-min data image to the disc at the fastest speed allowed by the writer (this basically is the same as the CDSpeed test). CDSpeed writes in SAO, I think, and when I write an image, I write it in DAO.

I'm not saying your way is wrong; but I generally do it one of the two ways listed above. I'll be interested to see your results! :D

PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 1:58 am
by dolphinius_rex
Speaking of verbatim's I saw something the other day that shocked me. A customer brought in a CD-R master for a replication job at the place where I work. It was a Verbatim ValueLife. Now the Verbatim ValueLife series is supposed to made by CMC right? Well, it sort of looked like CMC. It looked like it was manufactured by Mitsubishi (the serial number font was the same as datalife Plus discs), but the serial number was in the format for CMC (CD-R - 74min xxxxxxx), and to top it off, it was using the AZO dye type. I know this from both the colour of the burnable surface (the AZO blue), and because after the regular serial number of the disc, the work AZO was printed. I should mention that the word AZO was printed in the serial number found in the holographic part of the hub, not the clear plastic part.

So is Mitsubishi making CMC's Valuelife CD-R's with AZO dye? or has CMC changed their font type for the ValueLife series, and gotten access to the AZO dye? .... I wanna buy some now, but I can't justify it yet :cry:

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 2:25 am
by dodecahedron
Harrier, what are the results of your testing?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:59 pm
by Harrier
Both cds were written at 12X and at TAO mode with Audio.

Both had the same ATIP (none made by MBI)..

Made in India


Goods of EU


PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 5:46 pm
by aviationwiz
Pictures aren't showing up.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 6:44 pm
by Harrier
How Ab'ut now?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 7:11 pm
by aviationwiz
Now it's showing up.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 7:13 pm
by aviationwiz
Why only 12x? I think Data DAO at 52x would be more appropriate, considering you have an LTR-52327S.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 8:12 pm
by dodecahedron
well, some time ago there was a discussion about Verbatim DataLifePlus, and some said that Made in India weren't very good.

your results certaily put a dint in that claim.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 12:07 pm
by RJW
Harrier wrote:Both cds were written at 12X and at TAO mode with Audio.

Both had the same ATIP (none made by MBI)..

Since when has MCC a own factory in India. ????
Last time I checked on the subject the disc's were actually made by MBIL but with MCC technology and quality controle.
Just the same trick as the Taiwan manufactured disc's which are actually made inside a factory of CMC.