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Samsung Cd-r P80X5200CK media, Princo manufac.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 8:41 pm
by eric93se
Doesn't look like newegg is letting my review go through over there (for the second time). Guess they don't want people to know that this Samsung media is made by Princo :P

So I thought I'd pass that info on over here. These are white inkjet printable and work great with the epson R series. My LG combo drive doesn't like this media, very high error rate, but a sucessful burn, @8x (BTW nero info tool says only 4x is supported with this drive/media). On the other hand my NEC DVD burner, has a near zero error rate, so I'm a happy camper :)

I know a lot of people like to read those reviews over there, and it gives a good amount of insight and influence on our purchases, but hey, you gotta take the good and the bad [-X