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Incorrect firmware update

PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2006 7:10 am
by duexbeer
Hi all,

I'm using internel ASUS CDR-5232A4 in an external casing via USB and I tried to update the firmware with the newer one 1.01 The firmware update did not complete and the laptop shutdown after 2 hours.

Since then the drive is not detected in
-usb casing
-win xp sp2
-even bios setup of another desktop pc when connected on IDE

Normal working of the drive: Power on > Led blinking > Led blinking stops > detected by the OS/Bios

Current state: Power on > Led blinking and blinking continously Even eject button is not working

Is there any chance for this to work again. I have the CD containing the firmware 1.0, but I do not know how to flash this since it is not being detected even in bios. Is there any heavenly jumpers inside to reset or something.

Thanks a million