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LG GCE-8320B 32X Flashed To 40x12x40 LG GCE-8400B

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:14 am
by Spazmogen ... adid=47100

It works from these posts!

Flash your 32x LG GCE drive to a 40X GCE drive.

Flash your 32x LG GCE drive to a 40X GCE drive

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:16 am
by ammoguy2
So how did you get it to work? I can't get into the CD Freaks forum, even tho I registered with them yesterday...

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:16 am
by Spazmogen
Note to Ian: remove the quote below if it violates any potential copyright.

It wan't me that did it.

Here's a quote of the CD Freaks 1st post. There's about 20 others now on this topic.

"GolemPL wrote:

LG GCE-8320B (32x10x40) (z-cav) overclocked to LG GCE-8400B (40x12x40) (p-cav)
I have did a own test, My test CDRW drive is LG (HLDS) GCE-8320B (orginally flashed with 1.02 firmware).
First I have updated to
Just 1.04 firmware of same model, so I wanted something more from it.
So i started looking for testd overclocks but found nothing interesting,
then I decided to try flash it with LG GCE-8400B (40x12x40) (p-cav) firmware
Because of flashing utility Je4.exe for LG GCE-8400B don't wanted to flash it, so I have used Je3.exe (come from 8320B firmware) and with je4lg401.hex
firmware file, flashing was sucessful. First i checked it at bios, it was like real 40x , great , so then time for WinXP,
system detected it correctly LG GCE-8400B , then checked info at CloneCD, Nero, Nero CD Speed, it was detected exactly like
I dreamed. First I have checked for reading errors/speed, no errors and all read test was 100% good, time for burn something, i don't had any 40x supported blank
CD so i was unable to do 40x tests , today is sunday and no shops close to me, so decided to burn on my current blank CD's that support
only 24x, however i noticed a that it burned at p-cav mode, so seems like it works as it should, will do 40x tests tomorrow, however
seems now that it will work without difference to original 40x , started thinking now how many burners can be upgraded by new model firmware. LiteOn was no exeption !!"

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:16 am
by Rac
After reading all the posts in this and other forums on the subject, I decided to buy an LG 8320B and flash it to a 8400B. They say both models are exactly the same internally. I've been using my new burner now for over a week with no problems at all. It works perfectly burning at 40X PCAV (not to all media I must say, but isn't that a common problem for all 40X+ burners? Anyway all burns have been absolutely free of errors, according to Nero's Scandisk from CDSpeed). and it rewrites at 12X with every 10X media I owned.

This is my third LG after an 8X4X32 and more recently a16X10X40. They all have been great burners. Not one problem from any one of them.

Furthermore, I'm really glad I bought the LG and not the LiteOn after reading about all the reading and writing problems people are having with their 48X LiteOns, overclocked or not.

Only thing I miss: Mt. Rainier. Hope LG will change their minds and give us a firmware with Mt. Rainier capability soon.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:16 am
by Ian
I don't think its the matter of them changing their minds. The way its been explained to me is that the drive cannot support it correctly or at a level where it would be worth enabling.

Can LG x24 be overclocked as well ?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:18 am
by rafi_d
Does anyone know if LG x24 can be ovreclocked as well ?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:19 am
by Spazmogen
Read the CD Freaks article. It also explains which of the other LG GCE drives can be done. The 16x & 24x can NOT be done. They have an older chipset in the drive.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:19 am
by Kennyshin
I have lost a lot of interest in non-MRW drives. Mt. Rainier seems so cool even if no OS supports it natively yet.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 1970 2:21 am
by Kennyshin
From what I heard and gathered, LG just didn't think it was the right time to support Mt. Rainier yet. LG thought Mt. Rainier was not then a reliable enough specification so there was no need to do it before others.

LG and Samsung were VERY late to adopt anti-BURN well after Sanyo, Plextor, Ricoh, Teac, LiteOn, and many others. Both companies developed 48x CD writers almost one year ago but they are very reluctant to introduce them to the market unless they are forced to do so since they believe it will hurt their sales of existing models seriously. In part, they are right and smart and in part they are wrong and foolish.

GCE-8320B > GCE-8400B MT-Rainer Support & UDMA 33

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2003 9:41 pm
by Hori_Porks
I overclocked my LG GCE-8320B to GCE-8400B (Using IBM's Firmware) to Enable UDMA 33 & MT-Rainer Support.

In Brief, the steps on how i went about it below
(From Info gathered from the Forum @

LG, GCE HL-DT-ST 8320B > GCE HL-DT-ST 8400B UDMA33-MT-Rainer Support

32x 10x 40x
2MB Buffer
LG FW: 1.04
PIO Mode 4- Multi Word DMA - No MT-Rainer Support

Flashed to:
40x 12x 40x
2MB Buffer
LG FW: 1.04
PIO Mode 4 - Multi Word DMA - No MT-Rainer Support

Flashed to: with the "IBM FW: 1.12" Result Below:
40x 12x 40x
IBM FW: 1.12
UDMA 33 - MT-Rainer Support

- UDMA33
- Z-CAV --> P-CAV
- Mount Rainier support
- Read LED not work (when reading,write LED working instead)

Worked Fine for me.

IBM 1.12 Firmware Link:

IBM 1.12 Firmware Readme.TXT:

Information on the IBM Firmware was care of "Wiboon" @

Links for more info: ... genumber=9 ... enumber=10

New Zealand