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Stupid @$$ CW078D Cyberdrive firmware problem. Please help!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2002 8:16 pm
by Boba_Fett
Hey all. This is my first post here. I was wondering if you can help me out. I have a Cyberdrive 40/16/48x (model CW078D) CD-R/W here that simpily refuses to let me upgrade its firmware. I know it doesn't affect all of Cyberdrives' um... drives because my 16x Cyberdrive CD-R/W upgraded without any hassle whatsoever. I went over to (For some reason they don't host their firmware on the American site) and downloaded the most recent firmware for the CW078D. When I try to open the .exe it says Model Name Missmatch. This is really pissing me off and Cyberdrive support is non-existent. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm running under Windows XP, is that what is causing the confusion? Any insight to this would be much appreciated.

cyberdrive 40x16x48

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2002 12:45 am
by boetard
I too have had this problem. Of two CW078d drives, one acted as yours did and the other allowed the firmware update. Why is unknown. Since the blinking cursor only affects drives in WinXP, I put the troubled drive in a Win2000 machine.
Cyberdrive was absolutely no help to me. They did reply to an email I sent to them. Their reply mentioned a fixed firmware program that they said they sent me, but never did send. As much as I like the drive I will never buy another Cyberdrive product because of the awful customer support.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2002 1:25 am
by Boba_Fett
You have that blinking curser problem too, eh? Crap, looks like I'm SOL :(

cyberdrive 40x16x48 CW078D

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 1:23 pm
by neox
I don't know if anyone will find this, but I made it here so maybe others will too.

I had the blinking cursor problem with my cyberdrive 40x16x48 CW078D drive on Windows XP. I upgraded my firmware from 110E to 140E and it seems to have worked.
I hope that this helps others with the same problem.

Good luck.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 5:28 pm
by CDRecorder
Welcome to CDRLabs, Neox! :D

Thanks for your tip; it's good to know that Cyberdrive fixed this problem. :)