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Nero 5.5 and Nero 6 Multisession incompatible?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2003 5:31 am
by vorlon
Hi there.

Seems to be a Nero bug too.

I've 2 PC and frequently exchange data per CD-RW between the 2 machines.
Well, here is the problem:
Some time ago I had Nero 5.5 on both machines (all versions worked than)
and created multisession CDs with CD-RW media.
But I recently updated Nero on one machine to Nero and since then I can't continue any Multisession disks created with Nero 5.5 nor can I continue any multisession disks created with Nero 6 on my Nero 5.5 PC.
Additionally I can't delete any multisession CD-RW on Nero 6 which were created with Nero 5.5 and vice versa.

If I try to continue the Nero 5.5 multisession Nero 6 says 'failed EndTrack'
And if I try to erase it, then I get 'ain't no CD-RW'
Even if I erase it with Nero 5.5 completely Nero 6 states that it wouldn't be a CD-RW.

Is that poor policy or what? Not upward compatible I could understand but not downward compatible?

Drive on 'Nero 6 PC' is Sony CRX210E1 and latest firmware
and drive on 'Nero 5.5 PC' is LTR52246S with latest firmware

Hope that bug is fixed with the next update!