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CD-R / CD-RW Lead-in / Lead-out Space Required

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 12:34 pm
by jimshu1
Is the lead-in/leadout space the same between CD-R and CD-RW media? What about between finalizing the disk and multi-session? What amount should you adjust for?

I have always allowed 15Mb for both types of media. This doesn't seem to be enough for the new Nero v6.0.0.15.

Thanks for any replies!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 12:41 pm
by CDRecorder
With the latest versions of Nero ( and, this is a bug. The only workaround at this time is to go back to the previous version ( or

You should be able to burn a full 700 MB of data to an 80-min CD-R or CD-RW disc.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 4:20 pm
by jimshu1
Can you still burn 700Mb to a 80 min. CD-R even if it is a multi-session burn? Thanks.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2003 8:19 pm
by CDRecorder
No, when you have to burn the Lead-In and Lead-Out multiple time, each time takes more space. I was talking about a single-session DAO burn (which is how I burn nearly all CD's other than packet-written CD-RW discs).

In any case, I think the bug in Nero still applies. :(

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2003 9:49 pm
by jimshu1
Thanks again.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2003 2:49 am
by CDRecorder
You're welcome. I hope I was able to help. :D