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HELP! - CDs not being read Correctly.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2003 9:33 pm
by ThOyman
Ok i really dont know which part of the forum this should go and i noticed some similar issues, but they are not exactly the same so i think they can fit here, but if the moderators move it plz leave me a PM.

Urgent Problem: CD-RW not reading CDs properly. Data CDs being read as Audio (different twist to similar issues).

[CD writer is Phillips 4012P. I do not think at all its hardware nor damaged CDs. Im inclined to software trouble.]

Windows XP with
Nero and InCD
Btw I recently unistalled Windows Media Player 9, and im back to 8. I mention this because it may be connected to formats issues.

Now i cant even re-install CD-RW drivers as the original WindowsXP CD is not being read either. More correctly its being read as an Audio CD (it also shows this in Explorer) and reads as a track .CDA file. [Btw i have not used this CD since it came with the computer 1 year ago. So its not damaged CDs plz take note]

My CD-R and CD-RW copies seem all to work ok, they are read correctly.
But so far all orginal CDs (except 1) do not read correctly at all.
I can even access the original package CDs that came with the computer.

Another issue related is that when i put another cd in, it does not read it at all, but shows as a previous cd i inserted before. Either a data cd (a copy that was read fine) or then as a .CDA file when it clearly is a data CD. Could be mistaken for rereading with the same error or a "cached" previous read error. I dont know?

Btw Audio CDs (orginals) are not being read, nor reproduced either.

I only noticed this today... was working fine before no problems. But as i have not used original CDs in a while i do not know what happened or what caused it, nor the exact moment of this problem appearing (it may have been awhile but i didnt notice until now).

Though the last time i had computer problems was with WMP 9 and i unistalled it back to version 8.

Meanwhile... im looking DESPERATELY for a solution!!!
Someone PLZ help!

If you can help i would be Much appreciated.
Thx in advance.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 5:38 pm
by dodecahedron
possibly a conflicty between InCD and DaemonTools ?
try disabling/removing DaemonTools, and if that doesn't work removing DaemonTools and InCD.
see if that helps.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2003 12:34 pm
by ThOyman
This issue was resolved sometime ago in another site forum. Thx for the late reply however.

The problem was hardware related to the drive lens.