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Can't capture sound with WinFast TV2000XP with NeroVision 2

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2004 10:00 pm
by zico
I have current version of Nero 6 including VisionExpress (2,1,0,4) and I can't capture audio (nor do I hear it before or during caputing) from my TV card from either the TV tuner or the Audio In (using VCR). I "know" everything is correctly connected and the setting are correct in "Sounds and Audio Devices" in Control Panel, both playing and record. I can capture audio when using WinFast PVR, ULead Movie Factory 2 or VideoStudio 7 and WinDVD Creator or WinDVR.

To try to solve the problem I just did a clean install of Win XP Pro and only loaded the current drivers from Leadtek (didn't instal WinFast PVR software) and Nero . Installed all Windows updates, still couldn't capture sound. Installed Winfast PVR software and ULead MovieFactory 2 and they both capture audio, but Nero doesn't.

My sytem is AMD 1900+, MSI KT3 Ultra, 512MB, 60GB primary HD, 160GB secondary HD (Where captures are stored), Radeon 9600Pro, Live 5.1 sound card.

Any suggestions?


PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2004 1:26 pm
by CCampbell
Can you send me a copy of the NeroVision Express 2 log file from this failed capture attempt?

Our Engineers are eagerly requesting log files from any failed captures using our software. In the past we have been working on the flow of NVE and the quality of the output, and any bugs. But now we wish to concentrate on Capture devices.

We should be compatible with all the ATI cards on the market now, and we have tested the LeadTek WinFast capture card models A28OLE and A310TD models. And as long as you have our latest NeroVision Express, there should not be any problems.

Send your log file to my attention at

PS. If anyone else is having trouble with capture cards, please send me your log files as well. :)