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Problem burning an ISO file!!!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2004 3:42 pm
by BBB
guys I have a very strange problem with the MS Office 2003CD.
Here it is I tried to copy it on the HDD for faster installation, but
after the copying it became 1,04GB from 500MB on the CD!!!!
How this happens, I haven't decompress anything?

Could you tell me what is causing this and how to fix it, bacause I want to make
a new /multisession/ CD. But it's not possible because nero tells me that it's not possible
to burn 1,04GB on a 700MB CD.
Please note that the *.iso is just 530MB


PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2004 4:29 pm
by burninfool
I imagine it's some sort of copy-protection,use IsoBuster to rip to HDD.*

*I don't condone making copies of copyrighted CD's/DVD's. :wink: