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PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 6:52 pm
by CCampbell
Hi DB7713,

Sorry for the delay in my response, but I do visit as much as possible to this forum.

Talking with someone over the phone is not likely to resolve your issue any quicker, though anything is possible. :)

But other than the adivce already provided to you on this forum, there is not much a Tech can tell you other than to test your recorder and Nero on another system, or test with another recording software to see if the problem is only with Nero.

As for Nero Techsupport not being very good, who did you talk to and what kind of response did you get? We are always looking to improve our support and correct any poor responses from our Techs.



PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2004 3:16 am
by RealTronic
Just thought I'd revive this topic, for TWO reasons.

1) I would like to know if DB7713 has resolved his problems, and if so, how!

2) I too suffer from these problems, but I have a) learnt to work around the problems and b) learnt that it is not related to Nero only.

I get the same problem on both my computers, but only when burning a certain type of CD-images, namely BIN/CUE-images containing VideoCD or SuperVideoCD material, particularly (I cannot say if it's limited to this only) images which have been mastered with VCDEasy.

On one of my computers, Nero, Fireburner, and Alcohol 120% all fail. On my laptop though, Alchol 120% works fine. Very strange! Both computers have had periods of time when they did work fine - but over time, due to upgrades of software/drivers etc. they have stopped working again.

First I thought it was the DAO function in my writer (a TEAC DVD-R, i.e. a Pioneer) that failed, but I finally deduced the above conclusion about which material can and cannot be burned.

So, how do I work around it? Well, the method I use is :

1. Remaster the VCD/SVCD image using Nero's own VCD/SVCD utility.
2. Then burn using Track-At-Once (TAO) instead of DAO.

That should do it! :D

If you happen to have already mastered images in BIN/CUE formats and don't have the original video left (or, if you got them like that already) then you'll have to extract the video file from the BIN file using e.g. ISO-Buster or Daemon-Tools.

As for combatting the problem itself, I have given up. As far as I have deduced, it's a combination of Windows XP + certain chipsets + certain drivers that makes this problem appear. :(