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Nero Recode and data files

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2004 1:51 pm
by shAf
What type of data files is this Recode option referring to? For example, if I click on it, and browse for files, Recode will allow me to queue MPG types of files. This might imply it can accommodate MPG video streams from my NTSC VCR, and thereby an ability to create a generic DVD. The problem is: having selected MPG type files, the "Next" button is still ghosted, imply something is not right with these files.

Is Recode expecting specific types of data files? (e.g., MPEG-1, not MPEG-2). If so, and if the MPGs are larger than 4.5Gb, will Recode still compress to fit?

If Recode compression-to-fit is not an option, can someone suggest a good method for parametering NTSC for MPEG compression for 2hrs = 4.5Gb, or 3hrs = 4.5Gb??

tia :)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2004 12:47 pm
by CCampbell
The option to add data files, any type of data file, is is a seperate action than using Recode to convert DVD 9 to DVD 5, or to take more than one Title and Remake a DVD. And we do not compress the data files that you add.

This feature is just so that you can copy a DVD 9 movie (non protected) to DVD 5 media. And still be able to add data files to the DVD. So now you have a DVD that is for Viewing Pleasure, as well as for Work or data backup.

For instance, you may be planning a business trip, and you have a long flight ahead of you. You can create a DVD that has a Movie for viewing on the long flight, as well as containing any data you need to complete any work you may need to do while in transit.