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WTF? why cant I update my NERO 6 Ultra software?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 4:26 pm
by gentlejax
Done it before but now every time I try to install PAck #1 & #2 I get a error telling me I am not allowed to install or something and that I need to get a license from the website.

I have a key for it and am legally owner of it. I have updated it before with no trouble.

am I suppossed to remove the old version 1st or what?

I need to get it working again so I can copy some of my old movies.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 3:38 pm
by CCampbell
What is the exact error message you are getting?

You can also send an Email to our Tech support team at and they can check your Nero serial key to confirm it's valid and should be working.



PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 11:14 pm
by gentlejax
not sure of the exact wording.

I ended up re-installing my original version or something like that.

and then I installed one of the earlier updates before this new one all everything works fine AND my serial # works fine.

Now, why would it work for the earlier ones and not this one?

It is all Nero 6 Ultra.....

thank goodness I still had the files I downloaded before or I wouldnt get to use RECODE2

PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 8:35 am
by pranav81
Mail Ahead tech support regarding your problem,as Craig has posted above.They will be able to help you.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 8:55 am
by gentlejax
I have mailed them but havent heard from them yet.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 12:45 pm
by CCampbell
We are at a 4 working day response time as of today, and the emails are responded to in the order they come in. You will be responded ASAP, I promise. :)

If you havn't been responded to in 4 working days, that is 4 working days not just 4 days. :D

Let me know via this forum and I'll check on it and see what the hold up is.