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Hmmmmm..turns out it was the Freecom32 CD ROM that was fault

PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2004 2:02 pm
by HistoricR9LesPaul
in the other post i had where i totally cheesed off by my Generic Frecom 32A CD Rom burner only burning at 32x2 speed :o despite it being 40x32 , i tried everything suggested to me including letting by brutha who is a senior hardware engineer delve into my pc and nothing would make it go any faster than 32x2 :o :cry: .

he refitted it eventually into his machine and once again 32x2 .

said i needed a new burner, mine was 3 yr old and he said it was just time for a new machine. i got , at his recomendation a LITEON 52x32x52 and crikey it is a flier !!speedwise it buries the 32 speed Freecom and im very very happy with it.

when you aint got yer burner working, boy do you miss it bad. i just want to say thanks to the folks who chipped in to help me out....cheers guys. =D>