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My Experience with NERO 6601 and NVE 3014

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 10:59 pm
by HardwareHarry
Well, installation got quick over Nero 63125 and NVE 21221 with the start
it takes the KEY-code over from the existing Nero previous installed.

But once completely installed the "registration settings" in the REG. is enormous slow on my WIN98SE, and after completion memory consuming
while running (mem: 512MBCorsair), too slow for me, I think its optimized for XP with all its glitter, too many bells ringing the same time I think...

After return installing the 63125 this gives an error that I don't have SP1
installed on my system, I have SP1 for Win98SE running but I don't know if it's looking for this SP1...
So finally I returned back to my stable Nero 63120 and NVE 21218.
The package 6.6 looks nice but to burn for a while I prefer to run the faster previous version.
(but will keep 6601/3014 saved for XP days!)


MSI845PE Max2/P4 2.66GHz/512MB Corsair/80GbMaxtor2xHD/
MSIGeForce4 MX440Vivo/SonyDVD500A/LiteOn40xCDR/SE98

PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:24 pm
by HardwareHarry
Well you guessed it, here I am again not satisfied with my situation...

A friend of mine who burn a lot of movies, asked me if I could install his new burner Aopen 16xDVD under WinXP and updated his Nero to 6601.
So all went smooth and easy last night, and he's thankful that I mentioned
the new updates...

Coming home, I tried to improve my system with uninstalling other burning software wich came with my Sony, MyDVD4.5/
SonicRecordNOW6.7 and others wich I doesn't use since NERO, but I wouldn't lose it, but now I took the step because almost two years I used only Nero and NVE, so I started to clean my machine from all those extra's we keep for later...

Indeed I must admit to Ahead the installation of 6601 went easier and again just the "process registration" in the registry does take some time(maybe not NERO's fault), but went complete this time, also not with the error of NO SP(Win98SE) this time.
And after that NVE 3014 install became this time faster(6601/3014 installed over 63120/21218)
Finally I installed both Dutch-languages files.
So now I can start testing after a reboot...

First I was curiuos about the shorter LEAD OUT...
if it was influenced to other CD players and DVD players.

First I used an IMATION CD-R 48x80/700 (CMC 97m Hong Kong) to burn with my LiteOn 40125S and used MP3's to make an audioCD, the converting of MP3 to CDAudio went faster then before and I made an 80 minutes burn succesfull as usual.
Two new controls at the right, Normalize and I used "No 2seconds" pause
between the tracks.

Then I tried all my Audio players:

Pioneer PD-M50 6 CD changer OK
Sony CDP-XE210 CD player OK
JVC XV-N33 DVD player OK
Hiteker HE-1700 DVD player OK
Hiteker HE-560 DVD Recorder OK

"no problems" with the LEAD OUT for audioCD's at my home, I know that a cousin of mine had problems with my burned audioCD's on their Onkyo CD player so I will lend them a copy to try this sample out.

Next DVD copying...

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 3:24 pm
by eric93se
The latest nero seems to handle TY02 dvd+r media better than the previous version. Still not as good as TY01 though. 8)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 10:52 am
by HardwareHarry
Sorry seems the word...

Maybe you expected something, I started 5 different music DVD's(within 60 minutes/4.1Gb) to copying, only accepted with IMPORT DVD, so I let Recode do it's work but after Analyzing... the complete stripes of the volume of the DVD has arrived (even the DVD that I could copy with 63120/21218) the Recode stuck every time I tried after a reboot!

So now I am tired of testing with this version...6601/3014
I will let it rest for a few days, until I see it clearly again.

greetings Harry.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:50 pm
by HardwareHarry
I'm back with testing...

To choose from the StartSmart I see Icons: Complete DVD Copying- this didn't come with an upstart screen...
Then I chose: DVD Copy- didn't upstart too...

Then I tried to write an Image to Image Recorder(HDD)
OK this worked, Nero Express 6 started with its screen
it did 22:50 minutes/2.7Kb/sec(compared with 2xspeed) to write the .NRG file but it worked...
3.712Gb file NEXT BUTTON, and NERO came with a screen where I had to choose to burn from SONY to SONYorImageRecorder, weird...

I could not start burning from a ImageRecorder, so I closed NERO and double clicked on the .NRG file, then all went right and NeroExpress started with the right recorder as SONY I pressed NEXT, and the burning starts OK this time at 4x speed=5.5Kb/sec...

A little complicated for me, since I was used as usual with 63120 but it worked finally.

The result is an 1:1 copy of the original and it runs fine on my DVDplayers and DVDrecorder.

he, he...