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Nero 6 Backitup Issues

PostPosted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 11:46 pm
by djmarya
Greetings! I have a Windows 2000 server with an external USB Sony DS DVD+/-RW drive. I am using Sony DVD-RW disks. I have setup the backup schedule to run a full backup of data files located on the internal hard drive on M-W-F of the first week. M and F failed with no indication as to what the failure was. Wednesday ran just fine. I then scheduled differential backup tp run on M-W-F, all 3 failed, again with no indication as to why. I have reinstall the Nero Suite and also installed the latest updates. The server has all of the MS windows updates installed as well. But I still cannot get the scheduled backups to work. I have deleted them and re-entered them, used compression on/off, verify on/off and still it will not run the scheduled jobs. If anyone has seen tis problem or has any advice I would greatly apprecaite it. Thanks!