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Lots of Cd-DVD Speed Q's

PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2004 7:18 am
by dryden
Hi all,
I'm new to burning and just started testing the quality of my burns using Nero's Cd/DVD Speed tests. My problem is I don't know how to interpret my results! I've run many of the tests but I'm unsure about what the results mean. I've looked for a tutorial or an easily accessible reference (maybe there is one and I didn't see it) to what the results of the Nero tests mean but I couldn't find it! (the cdspeed2000 home page sucks!).
My results (that I don't understand):
(1) For the Disc Quality tests: (a) what does the green line mean. In pic. 1 , I see an initial sharp spike on the horizontal axis of the graph at about '2' then a gradual smooth increase on the vertical axis from about '50'to '100'.
Questions: (1a) what is the vertical scale (0 to 100) mean and (1b) how should I read my results (what does the spike mean and what does the smooth curve say). (1c) the C1 error rate with average 2.28, max 62, and total 5641 is pretty good (I think). Q: At what results (for each of the 3 categories) signifies a good, bad, or questionable burn?
(2) What am I to make of the CD-DVD Speed test in general (see attachment 2):
(2a) Non-smooth graph - that is bad, right? (2b) for the categories 'Speed', DAE quality', "Seek times', and 'CPU usage', what should I be looking for? What's good, acceptable, and bad? What is an acceptable Quality Score? (2c) what does the green and yellow lines mean (what's the difference)?
And finally, what other tools are recommended to test the quality of a disc burn?
Too many Q's (I know) but for any help, thanks in advance!