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Copy Disk and Multisession question

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:16 pm
by Pilgrim
I created a Multisession data disk and then used "Copy Disk" to make a copy of it using Nero Express (6.606). Later, I needed to add more items to the copied disk. So, I inserted the disk into the burner, started Nero Express and clicked on "Data Disk". But none of the existing files are displayed as they are for the originally created multisession disk. When I try to add files to the copied disk I get an error saying that it is the wrong kind of disk etc., which would seem to indicate to me that the disk is closed.

According to the Manual, IF I had wanted to add more files to the newly copied disk, there is the option to do so. However, it appears that since I had ejected the disk, closed Nero Express and started over, that option to add more files can't be done.

1) Is there a way I can add additional files to this copied disk?
2) For future reference, must any additional files be added to a disk that was created with "Copy Disk" be done during that session only? If not, is there an option that must be enabled before running "Copy Disk" that would allow files to be added at another time?



PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:24 pm
by CCampbell
Sorry, but when you use the 'COPY' operation, the disc created is Always 'Finalized' so that you can not add to the disc, even if you only copied 5MB of data.

Do not use the 'COPY' operation is you intend to add contents to the disc at a later date.



PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2005 1:28 pm
by Pilgrim
Thanks Craig for the speedy reply and information. Now I know! Image