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avi FileSize Detected Much Larger in Nero

PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2005 7:33 pm
by skywalka
Hi guys. My first post!

I'm hoping somebody may B able 2 shed some light on my problem.

Windows Explorer lists my avi file as being 729 229 312 bytes. When I drag it into Nero the SVCD lists the MPEG2 folder as being 1 199 228 928. This is obviously too big too burn on a regular CD. According to the following info for the file it should be able to be burned on a regular CD.

Is there a wise mentor who knows where my problem lies?

Thanx 4 looking.


Episode II - The Clone War

File Information

Type.................: Movie
Video Format.........: MPEG4
Codec................: XviD
Audio Format.........: 5 channel AC3 @ 448 Kbps
Resolution...........: 720x352 / Framerate of 23.976
Original Format......: NTSC
Genre................: Science Fiction
Size.................: 695mb

Continuing the astonishing string of STAR WARS fan based re-edits of George
Lucas' STAR WARS films - MagnoliaFan takes us back to a magical galaxy far, far

- The editor (known only as MagnoliaFan) has, again through the use of witty
dialogue (via subtitles) and skillful editing, managed to weave a new tale in
which a vast amount of character and plot have been drastically changed. The
once obvious relationship between Count Dooku and Lord Sidious has been made
less prominent, in turn this adds to the tragic story of Count Dooku. Once again
the story seems to flow at a pace that matches that of The Original Trilogy. In
addition, a majority of the 'deleted-scenes' have been deftly reintegrated into
the film and several scenes and bits of dialogue (that fans have deemed
unnecessary or plain ridiculous) have been trimmed or cut to enhance the overall
feel of the story. 'The Clone War' has become what some may see as a more mature
and true continuance of the Star Wars Saga.

MagnoliaFan's masterful yet chillingly dark vision of 'Attack of the Clones' may
be considered to be the DEFINITIVE version of STAR WARS: Episode Two.

Release Notes

WHY not DVD?

- That's the first thought you just had huh?

The reasons

- I don't want to this this on eBay plain and simple
- I wanted to save bandwidth and get them up FAST
- I'm getting a new DVD player that can play Divx/Xvid with ac3

AND this XVID can easily be converted to VCD or DVD with the right softwarez.

But I'm still asking for your Promise to share this XVID with as many times as
you can and then give or trade copies to EVERY fan you know! This will help
prevent the Darkside Dealers (eBay/comic shop sellers) from selling copies for

PLEASE - DO NOT sell this for profit.

I do not want anyone to feel that I'm attempting to exploit these wonderful
renditions of Star Wars Universe. I just want to share these with other fans and
at the same time keep the Star Wars Fan Created Universe Alive and free of

So the breakdown -

In this torrent you'll find

1 - HQ XVID of the film!
2 - A super AWESOME Star Wars MP3 set!

THANKS for your interest and.....



Special thanks to those that made this shared file/Torrent possible!


Veiwing Notes

- Walk to Your DVD collection

- Remove Star Wars Episode I and II

- Destroy the official DVD's - i.e. Smash them, Run them over or just throw them

- For best results enjoy with Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn and Coca-Cola

- Spark it if you have it

- Another Fine Ass Blaksvn Product

- Word to the Spookies...


The Spookies, Ragnar, Los Hermanos Blaksvn, The Blaksvn Insiders, MeBeJedi
DeeJay_Pockets, Angrysunfilms, Xavier and, Jay and all the regulars

And Finally to MagnoliaFan - You have created what may be the strongest and most
prolific fan-edited film ever.

Thank you for this film...........


To you eBay Jackers -

KEEP MY FUCKING COVERS off eBay - USE the your own!!!

Leechers - You best seed!

George what the fuck man...
A fan had to fix your shortcomings what happened to you?


Post Information

Posted by............: Rikter Blaksvn

Smackin' down the forces of the Darkside!