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Can't register Nero 7 Lame or use Mp3Pro Encoder stereo

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 1:09 pm
by Eck
My goodness is this thing buggy.

I have the Nero 7 Ultra Edition bought from BestBuy. I managed to work around the Nero Burning Rom error when opening bug by restoring defaults in Nero Express options. NeroHome will still not open media files. Now I wanted to test encoding wave to mp3.

Starting from the NBR extras tab, I first tried to use the Nero PowerPack Lame encoder. When it went to the registration page and automatically put in my serial number it got one of the letters wrong. Then, after filling out the form and clicking continue, it opened a web page saying it couldn't register it because of an error and to try again later. I tried it in both Firefox (default) and, by copying and pasting the link, in Internet Explorer. Same in both browsers.

Then I tried using the built in (according to the Quick Start manual) mp3PRO plugin. None of the stereo or higher bitrate encodings show up in the drop down. When I tried to install my old mp3PRO plugin, the plugin's installation program popped up a message saying it's only installable in Nero 5.5-6.9.

So there's no way to encode wav to mp3 in my full retail version of Nero 7 Ultra Edition. And we can't use NeroExpress without it breaking the ability to open Nero Burning Rom, unless we go into the Express options and restore defaults every time we want to switch to Nero Burning Rom. And NeroHome isn't working right (can't play anything).

Nero Showtime works (not that I use that for my DVD's but I tested it and it works), and I was able to use NeroExpress for adding files to a multisession cdr and it burning it properly. But there's no way this thing should have been released in this condition. Many things just aren't working properly.

I read in another thread about Nero 7 that a major update will be released on the 26th when the downloaded product is scheduled for release.

I sure hope they fix all the bugs. And mono mp3 encodings aren't acceptable either (that's all that is available in this released version). No ability to register for the PowerPackLAME mp3 and limited use of the mp3PRO encoder I'm sure isn't what is intended.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 5:01 pm
by tazdevl
Bit of advice regarding software in general... never buy software when it is first released. Wait 4-6 weeks or a couple updates before buying.

I am generally an early adopter, but getting sick of wasting my time dealing with half baked software making it to the market before it's done.

Not sure if I've given up believing that companies can put out solid software or getting wise in my old age.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 5:51 pm
by Eck
Right you are, tazdevl. It's funny, but with hardware I wait until motherboards are nearly discontinued since by then the final bios, quirks, etc are out and use of the board will be optimal. The matching processors are usually cheaper by then as well. With software, however, I can't seem to wait.

I'm also first in line for driver updates before users report what is broken by them.

Anyway, I've always used AudioGrabber with the Lame plugin and either WMP or Winamp for music library features so the temporary disfunction of those things in Nero won't hurt. I'm also using Nero Burning Rom for my normal file backups and it's working fine. I usually used Express for that and may go back to that once opening the darned thing won't break opening NBR, but I'm functional this way so no big deal.

I can wait another week I guess. They'll fix the problems.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 8:49 pm
by CCampbell
Yes, the issues you are listing, and a few others will be addressed in the Oct. 26th release.



PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:05 pm
by Morpheus
I have Nero 5.5 for about 2 years now. I never bought version 6.0. Today I just bought 7.0 Ultra from Future Shop. I haven't installed it yet, I have to uninstall 5.5 and run the Nero clean tool first. I'm not sure if I should wait until the update next week.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 12:05 am
by Eck
Thanks for the update info Craig. I remember Nero 6 Ultra also had some problems in the initial release, but they were fixed quickly with updates. I guess it's the nature of the business, as it's tough to find any software that is bug free in initial releases. Nero's a great package. Rome wasn't built in a day but Nero still burns right from the release box. Just need's a few patch's.


No, you don't need to wait for most of the important features. But if you regularly use Nero to encode your mp3's you might want to wait a bit until they fix the Nero Powerpack LAME encoder registration and the buggy new mp3PRO encoder plugin, which is built in but didn't offer all the formats in the drop down menu that should be there. Something's up with that.

Most of it works fine though.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 1:10 pm
by CCampbell
For those running into issues with Registering their MP3Lame encoder, please try again on Friday, as we hope to have this issue resolved by then. It will not require an update of the Nero 7 software, as the problem is on the server end.

I'll check into this MP3Pro Encoder issue later today with a new beta build I have, to see if this has been resolved already.

And yes, Nero 7 has a few issues out the door. :(
But our Engineers are working overtime to address most of them in this Oct 26th release. But I would expect that it will take a few months to get the product where we want it to be. But the basics will be solid and working in the Oct. 26th release.



PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 8:30 pm
by cfitz
Deja vu all over again


PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 11:50 am
by Eck
I successfully registered the PowerPack LAME encoder and it encoded fine when I tested it.

The email thanked me for my Nero 6 purchase though. I guess it's better late than never. I hadn't needed to register the LAME encoder with Nero 6 as it worked without that! Heh, a bug that benefitted me!

Anyway, it works in Nero 7 now.

Still wondering about the mp3PRO thing though. I see they have it now to purchase for Nero 7, but I think it's now built in to the retail versions like the boxed version I bought. But I never used the mp3PRO aspect, just the normal mp3. So I suppose I don't need to buy it again as we now have the LAME encoder included.