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Nero Home plays wrong video files and Nerovision locks up!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 11:03 pm
by cageymaru
Nero Home labels the videos on my computer incorrectly when NeroScout scans the computer for files. It will list a bunch of files as they appear on my computer, but will play the same file over and over again. I clicked Cinderella and got Pam and Tommy Lee. Really funny at the time until I discovered all videos were Pam and Tommy Lee. Now it's annoying!

On the second topic in my title, I tried to open some vob files in NeroVision so that I could add some video to the dvd. Well it correctly imported the vobs by making an avi file from the vobs, but when I was editing the new menu, it locked up. No problem I tried it again. This time it locked up at the burn menu as I was trying to select the HD folder to burn it to. Slightly irritated I tried again. This time I got it to start encoding the dvd, but it locked again. I have a gig of ram and a AMD 64 3200+. Is that enough power to get Nero 7 to recode a couple of vobs? Nero burning rom thinks the original dvd is ok to burn as is, but I really wanted to add some more video to it.

Lastly, I have a problem that whenever I go from menu to menu in nerovision, and the program scans every video file that I have ever recoded into a dvd. And it scans every piece of background music that I ever chose for a dvd. Then sometimes if I decide to pick a different picture for my background picture, it locks up. Same goes for music. So I have to start over again. It's like playing a videogame where you have to save evertime that you complete a task, because you might die (in this case rechoose chapters, edit video, etc). Anyway if I make it through the gauntlet, I can recode the movie without any problems. So it isn't me using bad video files.

Really I was just hoping that maybe a Nero engineer might read this and fix the bugs. I know that it's new so I'm not mad! Also why Nero 6 is still on my main machine.... [-X

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 2:50 pm
by CCampbell
HI Cageymaru,

Do you have the latest Nero

I'm not able to run into the issue you reported about Nero Scout.

And I used VOB files to import to Nero Vision and I had no trouble editing the source files.

As for the Menu to Menu issue, I'll have to do some testing to see if I can duplicate this issue or not.



PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 6:01 am
by cageymaru
Yep, I'm using 7.0.12! I fixed the menu scanning video problem by moving the video from my Grabit download folder to My Documents/My Video. It seems that having my video files in multiple spots confuses NeroVision. I gave up on Nero Home as it takes a loooong time to start up, and if I try to skip to another song it freezes for like 15 secs while still playing the song, so I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall using it. It's pure slow motion! I tried moving all my music into My Documents/My Music to rectify it but that didn't help. Maybe it's the size of the folder (over 6.26 Gbs/ 1293 songs)? I used recode tonight to grab the video from the dvd into a nero digital mp4 at max detail. That was alright until nerovision tried to deal with it. It was like I was running out of memory. It was a 39 min- 1.6 Gb file though and I only have 1 Gb of system ram. Basically it locked up again, I got ticked, and I deleted the dvd file. No point in having a 39 min dvd! Maybe the Nero guys could speed up on that clean tool research. This program won't completely uninstall so that I can see if a reinstallation is a cure.

If it makes a difference I'm using the K-Lite Codec Pack 2.63f. But I installed that to try to fix problems that I was having with Nero; not because the video wouldn't play. I ran GSpot and it said that I was missing some codecs (though Nero didn't have any problems playing or rendering them before) so I tried the codec pack. Between the codec pack and moving the video files, I don't know what really fixed the menu problem...

If my system specs will help, I have a HP ZV6000 notebook computer. I included my DXDiag if that helps.