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Questions on Nero 8 re: .mp4 video file recode/conversion

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 1:12 pm
by pcumming
Newbie questions, thanks for bearing with me.
Had Roxio years ago and recently upgraded from Nero 6 to 8 under XP. Found Nero 8 a bit more cluttered, slow to start, and not as easy to find selections; but I will survive.

I removed the start up entries of Nerofiltercheck and NeroBGMonitor. Also disabled checking for updates. I hate extra things running that are unnecessary for me. Poor design perhaps.

When I run Nero Start Smart and then shut it down, the Nero Indexing Service would not shut down by itself. So I disabled the NeroIndexingService in Services.msc

1. I hope this will not cause any issues..

2. Perhaps Roxio is a better product these days not sure.. Thoughts??

3. Have an .mp4 file and want to convert to mpg-Nero recode cannot do this I do not think.

Any ideas??

Thanks so much