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severe controler problems - need help

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2003 3:02 pm
by vorlon

After installing Nvidia WDM drivers and restarting the machine (Medion MD 8000 XL; OEM MS-6701 MoBo (648 Chipset), OEM GeForce 4 Ti 4200, PIV 2,66) some (5) new pieces of hardware are found by WinXP Home (4 related to the Graphics Card, SM-Bus-Controler as new device and a defective AXVSCSI-Controler driver(?!))
After deinstalling the WDM drivers the Graphics Card related devices ain't there any more.
The SM-Bus-Controler (as well as AXVSCSI controler) keeps there and WinXP can't find any drivers!
They keep there even after restoring a previous XP restoration point!
I can't find any suitable drivers manually and I don't even have a MoBo drivers CD (Medion won' t give 'em to me!! And MSi, that produced most parts say I should address Medion)
What's that AXVSCSI-Controler??
Ain't any drivers for that one too! Read something about a related problem concerning Win 95 and Alcohol 1.40.
I had Alcohol installed previously but deleted it shortly after. Anything to do with that (is the controller itself installed by Alcohol? I don't know what's exactly in that fucking machine!)

Thanks in advance!


PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2003 5:34 pm
by vbl117
AXV is the virtual CD/DVD ROM drive created by Alcohol . It needs a virtual SCSI controller ( AXV SCSI ) . Uninstalling Alcohol should have uninstalled the virtual SCSI controller . U should be able to uninstall it manually n peripheral/devices list . U dont"t have to worry too much about AXV .

XP creates backup copies of all drivers , so if u don't have/can't find a a driver it can be because it was not installed .

For SM-BUS i don't know ( it's something known but i never needed to correct something there , so i don't have knowledge in it ) . It's true many times some drivers are linked ( especially with integrated motherboards ) but i don't have knowledge in these Nvidia motherboards .

Thanks a lot!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2003 5:00 am
by vorlon
Thanks for your answer!

It really helps me a lot!
I'll just delete the AXV than.