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CMOS Temp/Fan readings disappear??

PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2003 7:18 am
by Intimidator
I need some help! I have the Biostar M7VIG Pro MB with the latest BIOS version.

I went into CMOS under the PC Health Status and my temp and fans speed-readings are NO longer there. That is weird I have seen these on several occasions before when I first got the MB. What happened to them?

If I say to ENABLE the temp/fan readings at POST and I save and restart the computer and quickly press pause then I can see the temp/fan readings. However, if I restart the computer and enter CMOS and move down to PC HEALTH STATUS the readings are still NOT there.

The readings must be there somewhere, otherwise how would they be able to be displayed at POST?

Also I am concerned that my system will not shut down at the set 60C reading since there are no CMOS displayed readings in there.

Did something happen to my BIOS or MB???

Please help!