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Getting a PocketPC

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 7:54 pm
by aviationwiz
I'm getting a PocketPC soon, anybody have any recomendations for software? I'm looking for a good TV Remote Control and any good games.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 7:49 pm
by Morpheus
There are 4 new HP IPAQs for 2003 - the h2200 comes with Nevo Remote Control software (preinstalled). The IrDA infrared port is 115.2 Kbps and is powerful enough so you can use yor pocket pc as a remote.

Other software are VITO Remote ( ), Zerama Remote ( ), Total Remote ( ... index.html ) and there are a few others (you can do a google search).

Funny you should ask....I was reading about this on the AVS Forums the last few days (about using a Pocket PC as a remote control) and I just read a couple of Pocket PC magazines in the last 3 days.) I have a Pocket PC 2000 - the Casio E-125 for about 2 years and I never really used it. After reading these forums I found you can do it 2 ways - IR or wireless. I decided to use IR since it would be easier and cheaper for me. First you need a IR transceiver unit which can be plugged into a USB port on you PC. [I have to figure out if my Pocket PC's IR is bi-directional and what the range is on it.] Then there are 2 Freeware (NetRemote and Girder) which can be used as the software to do the communication between the Pocket PC and the PC. If I can do bi-directional comunications then I can execute a command and get an update feed back on the Pocket PC. I want to start off as controlling my tv tuner card (haven't gotten it yet) and my LCD monitor. I can use the Learning capability to learn my other remotes IR signals, so I can control my tv set, vcrs, and cd player. I'll probably won't be able to do this until the end of December.