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Pause between tracks

PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 3:19 pm
by mur130
Hi, I hope someone could help me.
I created a audio cd which with no pauses between each tracks in the playback. However, when I used a one on one duplicator to make couple more backup, there were pauses between them. All result are same except the original. Could that be the hardware (duplicator) problem or media (blank cd)?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 3:40 pm
by burninfool
The default for burn programs is 2 seconds,you will have to copy the tracks to your HD and make an audio CD.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 4:22 pm
by dodecahedron
apparently the duplicator inserts the standard 2 seconds pause.
in all likelyhood, if you want more duplicates you'll have to make them on the PC.
if you do a audio-CD copy you'll have to set it to zero gap, otherwise the software will also put the default 2 seconds gap.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 5:23 pm
by mur130
Thanks for the replies. But isn't a duplicator suppose record a complete identical cd? Why it created pauses when the original dose not content any? BTW, I used same CD player to play both Source or Copy.