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Delta 190 cfm 120mm fans. Blown Away

PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2004 10:56 pm
by wicked1
Holy Crap! I got 2 of these today and just installed them on my radiators. I can feel the air on my couch 10 ft away.They have a 2 amp power rating and sound like buzz saws. 59 dba is the noise rating.The temp of my computer dropped 3C. It now idles at 35-36 and I ran prime95 for an hour and it peaked at 44C. This is with 2.0V to the cpu. I am very happy at this point till I get a power supply for my peltier.I hooked them up to a 5V lead and they still cooled better than my other 120mms at 12V but I would like to make them adjustable so I can hear my TV :lol: Would any potentionometer work that was rated at 4A?It would just hook into the positive lead correct?