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LG Releases NAS Firmware With New UI and OS X Lion Support

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:50 am
by Ian
After months of waiting, LG has finally released the 8421 firmware for their N1A1, N1T1 and N2A2 NAS devices. The most notable changes are an updated UI and OS X Lion AFP support. Sadly, there still is no AFP fix for their older NAS devices yet.

Released October 2011

New Feature: 'FamilyCast' function added
- Works with LG Smart TVs
- Refer to the latest NAS manual

Bug Fix (Group Edit): Permission change error issue from 'Read'/'Write' to 'No permission'

Bug Fix: User batch registration issue in IE7

Bug Fix: Web help multi-language support

Improved: MAC OSX Lion(10.7) AFP support
Improved: HDD SMART checking fix
Improved (Ajaxplorer): Support over 4GB file download
Improved (Ajaxplorer): Support for guest user ID
Improved (Web server): 'htm' extension file support
Improved (Home monitoring): Support for more USB cameras

Policy change: Ethernet frame size can only be changed in Static IP setting mode.

N1A1 - ... tryID=6505

N1T1 - ... tryID=6485

N2A2 - ... tryID=6506