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AOpen Announces New A340 Ultra-Lite Aluminum Case

PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 4:10 pm
by Ian
A little press release action from AOpen...


Sleek and Stylish Addition to AOpen’s Housing Product Line Offers Space-Saving, Visually Appealing Desktop PC Solution

SAN JOSE, CA USA, December 2, 2002 – AOpen Inc. unveiled its latest entry in the PC housing arena at Fall Comdex 2002 in Las Vegas with the exciting new A340 aluminum chassis. Typifying the ever-increasing convergence between PC technology and high-tech gadgets, the A340 sports a lightweight, slim and aerodynamic-looking body with lots of functional goodies. Looking more like a high-end entertainment center component than a PC, the A340 has the promise to become a new standard of style and design in many home, SMB, SoHo and other environments where value, space-saving functionality and appearance are equally important factors.

According to J.C. Chang, Director of AOpen’s Housing Division, “The A340 was designed to be cool, really cool. What I mean is, it not only looks cool, it also offers the optional side-blow fan assembly that provides even more ventilation. In addition, the aluminum case helps dissipate heat faster, so we’ve nicknamed the A340 our little ‘ice-box’, since the possibility for excessive heat is obviously a non-issue.” Chang went on to elaborate that “The A340 is specifically designed to look great on any desktop with its brushed metal finish and svelte vertical profile. With a standard 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch, as well as a 3.5-inch HDD bay and four low-profile slots, the A340 can pack a serious punch without taking up a lot of room when fitted with a matching microATX or flexATX motherboard.”

The A340 also features AOpen’s trademark safety edges, thumbscrews and easy to access flip-out sliding drive bay frames to make it one of the easier housings available in today’s market to prep, test and move out the door quickly and efficiently. With dual USB 2.0 ports in addition to audio ports located conveniently inside a front touch-latched access panel and a healthy 200-watt power supply, the A340 is ready to load, and deliver to the customer on-time – and on-budget.

The A340 has an MSRP of $120, features a 3-year product warranty and is now shipping in North America. More information about the A340 can be found at:

About AOpen
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 4:11 pm
by Ian
This case would look nice hooked up to my entertainment center, but its not really big enough for me for day to day use.


PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2002 11:33 pm
by voltron
Ian wrote:This case would look nice hooked up to my entertainment center, but its not really big enough for me for day to day use.[/img]

LOL, the case reminds me of the Mac G4 cases for some reason. Maybe it's the way it looks opened up.